Commercial Real Estate in Eugene Oregon

Brent McLean Commercial Real Estate Eugene OregonWe specialize in commercial real estate and industrial real estate for lease and sale. Search our listings of office, industrial, retail, apartment building and other types of industrial and commercial real estate in Eugene Oregon.

Buyer Representation | Buying investment real estate is more complex than ever. Attention to detail is essential to a sound investment. When conducting Due Diligence, we leave no stone unturned. We understand the impact of environmental concerns, allowed uses, and the multitude of other potential issues revealed in site surveys. We are proud to represent buyers in a capacity that exceeds the normal. Especially when it comes to permitting an investment property for an array of uses. You will find our service unlike any you have ever worked with in the past.

Leasing | There are four primary types of commercial real estate leases, each requiring different levels of responsibility from the landlord and the tenant. Learn more

Commercial Real Estate for Sale | Commercial real estate is property that is used solely for business purposes. Examples of commercial real estate include malls, office parks, restaurants, gas stations, convenience stores and office towers.

Industrial Real Estate for Sale | Industrial real estate is used for manufacturing and production. Types of industrial property include factory-office multiuse property; factory-warehouse multiuse property; heavy manufacturing buildings; industrial parks; light manufacturing buildings; and research and development parks.

Services to Owners/Investors | We offer services to business owners and investors to help them market, buy, lease and sell office, retail, industrial space and commercial property and land.

1031 Exchange Consulting | A 1031 tax deferred exchange allows an investor to dispose of one investment property, use all of the equity to acquire a different investment property, defer the payment of capital gains, and leverage all of the equity from the original property into the replacement property. Learn more